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Attending first aid classes are important. Why? Because everyday a lot of people get subjected to unexpected accidents, and the worst part- they usually happen in the most unexpected of places and time. If you are trained in administering first aid then in such situations you can save a life. There are several first aid classes teaching different methods. Today I am going to talk about CPR.

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a life saving technique aimed at returning normal body function in case of an emergency. But not just anyone can administer CPR. To administer it one needs to undergo training and achieve a CPR first aid certification. Although it is a life saving technique but usually a lot of people tend to ignore it.

CPR is something that everyone should know. Contrary to what many people think one doesn’t need to be a medical practitioner to do it, anyone can administer it provided that he/she has a valid CPR first aid certification. CPR is usually given when someone’s heart stops due to an accident, it may require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compression. Additionally the person should also inform medical authorities immediately as professional medical attention may be needed.

People working in areas such as schools, nurses, life-guards, heavy industries are obligated to obtain a CPR first aid certification as in such places disaster can strike at any moment. Even if you are not associated with these professions you can still obtain a first aid and CPR certification. Once you obtain a certification you become a person capable of saving lives.

As for the CPR first aid certification training there are several organizations that provide training classes. The training isn’t long; it just takes a day to complete. Some offer online training classes but personally I don’t think they are effective as firsthand experience matters in this type of training. In most CPR first aid certification training classes the instructor will guide you through each and every step. Artificial dummies are used in such first aid classes for practice and demonstrations.

After completion of the class you will be awarded your CPR first aid certification. This certification proves that you are capable of carrying out CPR in emergency situations. It may happen that you had completed the training several years back so it is important to update your skills as new guidelines of administering CPR are released by the national bodies from time to time.

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CPR First Aid Certification

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This article was published on 2012/01/03