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First aid kit, you are instructed from childhood till last to carry a first aid kit always along with you. May you have kids at home, school or while traveling or picnic, if certain small injury even happens and proper timely precautions are not taken could lead major issues. Always be careful to carry your safety measure first aid kit and live healthy.

Generally people are not aware of basic things to be carried as first aid kits. If you have kids at home they usually meet small injury, cuts and bruises for which it becomes essential to carry a safety precaution to save them from any infection or serious problems. Certain things are to be taken care when you go for some first aid kit supplier as discussed under:

Knuckle band aids


Disinfectant solution

Medical tapes roll(4 inches wide)

Gauge pads(3*3 inches)

First aid card ( for ready reference)

Latex or latex free gloves

Antibiotic ointment and 2 Hydrocortisone ointment packets (approximately 1 gram each

2 absorbent compress dressings (5*9inches)

Adhesive bandages ( assorted sizes)

1 breathing barrier


Cold pack for instant relief

Antiseptic wipes ( 2 packets)

Handy and durable bag to keep all above items.

2 packets of Aspirin(81 mg each)

burn cream, hydrocortisone cream and eyewash kits

First aid instruction booklet

First aid kits are required to save lives in an emergency especially before the arrival of a medical doctor. They are even required to help prevent complications / disability by being readily handy in case of accident to take care of a wound and reduce the likelihood of setting an infection into major wound.

Keep your all safety measure stuff in handy bag and always carry your safety kit at home, work place or driving in a car. Make sure the vendor you are using to purchase these products are licensed and reliably keep fresh kit products. Following points should be undertaken before the purchase of your first aid kit stuff:

The supply you are taking should be packed and sterilized for hygiene measure.

Check the expiry date of product you order.

Consult your family doctor for specific ointments and lotions for kids and adults separately.

Take on-line help for any emergency requirement of precaution or deep cut or injury.

Never reuse medical roles or ban-aids.

Keep medications list in your wallet or purse. Entitled with the name of the medication, the prescribing doctor, the strength, the doses and the regimen.

Keep a ready to use crap band roll for general sprains and jerk.

Avoiding emergency always is not possible, prefer to be ready and make yourself fit to move any time. Dealing with supply of first aid kit is highly beneficial as it has been an add-on to the basic necessities. Carry your fully loaded First aid kit and make all injuries cured with your own precautionary measures. Prevention from emergency is not done every time at least be prepared to avoid the detrimental effects of them. Always remember Precaution is better than Cure.
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First Aid Kit Supplies Wichita & Missouri

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